Thanksgiving Gratitude at LFSD

🦃 Thanksgiving Gratitude at LFSD ✨

Our Kindergarten to 2nd-grade students participated in a special Thanksgiving activity that not only sparked their imaginations but also cultivated a sense of thankfulness.

Each child wrote down what they were thankful for on a paper feather, expressing their appreciation for the wonderful things in their lives.

Equipped with scissors and a burst of creativity, the kids then cut out their individual feathers with care and precision. The real magic happened when these vibrant feathers came together to adorn a magnificent mural turkey, proudly displayed in our school’s hallway.

This collaborative masterpiece serves as a beautiful reminder of the diverse things our students hold dear, fostering a sense of community and gratitude within our school walls.
Through art and expression, we’re not just decorating our school, but creating a lasting memory of thankfulness and unity. 🧡

Wishing everyone a warm and joyful Thanksgiving season!