The PTR, or Parent Teacher Resource group, is a nonprofit organization composed of parents and guardians, teachers, and staff working together to enrich the LFSD experience. The PTR has an elected President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Event Coordinator and operates independently from the school.  All LFSD parents and guardians are general members of the PTR and are encouraged to attend meetings and participate in our various projects. 

What does the PTR do?

The PTR meets once a month and encourages all parents and guardians to participate. We organize events for students and families, promote school spirit, and provide opportunities for enhanced parent involvement. Help enrich our students’ experience and the sense of community among LFSD families by sharing your ideas, discussing topics of interest to the school community, and volunteering for upcoming events and projects. Visit our PTR events calendar for meeting dates.

Parents and Guardians volunteer regularly for:

  • LFSD student event organization
  • LFSD family community event organization
  • Campus improvement projects like the student garden
  • Parent engagement activities
  • Special initiatives and projects that benefit the teachers and students



The fundraising events organized by the PTR directly benefit the students and are meant to enrich their experience. In the past, the PTR was able to fund equipment for the playground, PE sports equipment, shade above the lunch areas, improvements to the auditorium, the “Petite Plume” student newspaper, and various family events. The PTR holds seasonal fundraisers such as school portraits, holiday wreaths, student art keepsakes and more. Parents can also contribute throughout the year by visiting our weekly pastry sale, using Amazon Smile, and more!  Please visit the PTR website for more details.

Your contribution, whether it is your time, your knowledge or resources, makes a huge difference! With your support, we can continue to make LFSD a wonderful place for our children. We invite you to become an involved member of the PTR.

Contact the PTR: