Storytelling Journey with our first graders

🖌️ Concours Plume en herbe avec les CP 📚

Our first graders have embarked on a storytelling journey with the 15th edition of the “Plume en Herbe” writing competition.

With characters like Ursule Lapine, Titouan Ouistiti, and Charlotte Marmotte, our young wordsmiths are challenged to weave captivating tales inspired by adorable illustrations.

At LFSD, we believe in nurturing not just academic excellence but also fostering a love for language and self-expression from the earliest years.

💙 A big thank you to our wonderful first-grade teachers, Dorothée and Estelle, for guiding our little writers into the world of creativity and love for storytelling.

✨ When you love beautiful stories, what could be more exciting than writing one yourself? 📝