Special guest from the San Diego Symphony Orchestra

🎻 Special guest from the San Diego Symphony Orchestra 🎶

What a delightful day in Isabelle and Gwladys’s classroom as they welcomed a very talented violinist from the San Diego Symphony Orchestra. 🤩

Our preschoolers were treated to a mesmerizing performance by a talented violinist who not only played beautiful music but also shared her passion for classical instruments. It was heartwarming to witness the joy and wonder on the kids’ faces as they experienced the magic of live music up close. 💫

🎹 One of the highlights was when the violinist brought along a miniature piano for the little ones to explore. Watching their tiny fingers dance across the keys, accompanied by the sweet melodies, was truly precious.

🎵 The best part? The music wasn’t just entertainment—it was education too! The violinist adapted familiar tunes that the children have been learning with their teachers, making the experience both fun and enriching.

🙏 Thank you so much to our wonderful guest violinist for inspiring a love for music in our youngest learners.

⭐️ Special shoutout to our wonderful teachers, Isabelle and Gwladys, for exposing their little learners to the arts early on, nurturing their creativity and imagination.