Paris Trip – Day 4

🇫🇷🥋 Paris Trip – Day 4 ✨

Greetings from the City of Lights! 🌟 Today marked the fourth day of an incredible trip for LFSD students and AKA Judokas, filled with enriching experiences and unforgettable moments.

🏛️ First stop: National Assembly in Palais Bourbon. Surrounded by the grandeur of French politics, our students had the unique opportunity to explore the heart of democratic governance, gaining insights into the history and functioning of the National Assembly.

🏛️ Next on the agenda: Senate in Palais du Luxembourg. The beautifully ornate surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for students to delve into the world of French legislative processes, further expanding their understanding of the country’s political landscape.

🕊️ The day concluded with a poignant visit to the Arc de Triomphe, where our group gathered to witness the rekindling of the flame at the tomb of the unknown soldier. A moment of profound reflection and respect for those who sacrificed their lives for freedom and peace.

🙏 A big thank you to our dedicated educators, organizers, and everyone involved in making this trip possible. Together, we are shaping the minds of future leaders and instilling values of knowledge, understanding, and respect.

Stay tuned for more updates this weekend!

Hervé Aka – AKA Judo USA
Keith Bryant – CEO/Executive Director USA Judo
Nacer Dahli – Entraineur haut niveau Red Star Club Montreuil Judo
Akli Mellouli – Sénateur du Val-de-Marne
François Tregouet – Head of School at Lycée Français de San Diego