Paris Trip – Day 3

🇫🇷🥋 Paris Trip – Day 3 ✨

Another fantastic day unfolded for LFSD Students and AKA Judokas as they continued their enriching educational and sporting journey in Paris!

Immersion in French Schools: Middle schoolers spent the morning at Danton Middle School, while elementary kids were at Alfred de Musset Elementary School, absorbing knowledge in an engaging atmosphere.

Afternoon action unfolded at Levallois Sporting Club, where students embraced various sports, including a thrilling fencing initiation!

They concluded the day at the Sports Arena, gearing up for the Paris Judo Grand Slam starting tomorrow.

Thank you so much to Collège Danton, Ecole Elémentaire Alfred de Musset and Levallois Sporting Club for welcoming our students.

Stay tuned to follow their adventures!

France Judo
Hervé Aka – AKA Judo USA