Paris Trip – Day 1

🇫🇷🥋 Paris Trip – Day 1 ✨

For the second year in a row, Hervé Aka is taking LFSD Students and AKA Judokas to Paris!

⭐️ What an incredible opportunity to embark on an enriching educational and sporting journey for the 2024 Paris Judo Grand Slam.

Today, students visited France’s National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance (INSEP)* and met with middle schoolers from Collège Danton.

Thank you so much to all families who participated and helped raise funds for the students.

A very special thank you to Hervé, from AKA Judo USA, for providing this unique opportunity to the LFSD community. Also, a big thank you to Alexandra, Jasmine, and François, our very special chaperones 😊

Stay tuned to follow their adventures!

*INSEP is a public institution under the administration of the Ministry for Sports. Established in 1945, it is both a benchmark elite Olympic and Paralympic training center as well as a powerful voice in elite sport policy in France.

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