Music & Movement with Gwladys & Lily

🌟 Exciting After-School Fun at LFSD! 🎶

We’re thrilled to share a glimpse into our “Music and Movement” activity, a lively after-school program that brings joy and energy to our preschoolers at LFSD. This fantastic activity is brought to life by our wonderful teachers, Gwladys and Lily.

Our young learners are dancing, shaking maracas, and exploring the world of rhythm and movement in a fun and engaging environment. Gwladys and Lily’s dedication and creativity have transformed each session into a magical experience, fostering a love for music and dance in our little ones. 🎶💃

👏 Thank you, Gwladys and Lily, for your incredible work and for making “Music and Movement” a highlight of the week for our preschoolers. Your passion and enthusiasm are truly inspiring! 🌈