Live Chess Course with Marc Quenehen

♟️Live Chess Course with Marc Quenehen 💥

Did you know that one elementary team and one middle school team will represent LFSD in June in France during the finals of the Chess School Championships?

⭐️ Every Thursday, our dedicated chess team gathers to participate in an enriching live course led by the phenomenal Marc Quenehen!

🏆 With an illustrious background boasting 4 French school championship titles as a coach, Marc brings unparalleled expertise and passion to LFSD’s team learning journey. Several of Marc’s students have made it to the French national team, a testament to his exceptional mentorship and guidance.

It’s truly an honor for our LFSD team to learn from such a renowned coach, propelling the team towards greater heights of success and achievement. 💫

🙌 Kudos to our wonderful LFSD Chess Coach and Teacher, Frédéric, for his unwavering commitment to nurturing young talent and empowering students to realize their full potential!