LFSD Science Fair and Engineering Challenge

🔬 LFSD Science Fair and Engineering Challenge! 🚀

From the mysteries of the solar system to the wonders of robotics and the innovation of green walls, LFSD’s Science Fair showcased the incredible curiosity and creativity of our young learners!

👨‍🔬 With 32 fascinating projects and 40 enthusiastic participants ranging from 1st graders to middle schoolers, it was a true testament to the passion for discovery nurtured within our school community. 👩‍🔬

Projects ranged from simulations of volcanoes, captivating demonstrations of DNA extraction, to the ingenious construction of catapults, and so much more, highlighting the diverse interests and talents of our students.

In the afternoon, each grade presented the bridges they built for the LFSD Engineering Challenge. Congratulations to all participants!

🏗️ LFSD students demonstrated remarkable engineering prowess; one of their bridges was able to hold 43kg = 94.8lbs!

“The goal is to understand the importance of teamwork and to realize that horizontal competition (among ourselves) will not lead us to solve problems like climate change or space exploration. Competition is vertical, against the physics of the universe.” Pascal, Science & Middle School Teacher.

Of course, none of this would have been possible without the unwavering support of all our dedicated teachers. They are the ones who make this event possible by dedicating time in class to work on these projects.

🌟 A very special thank you to Pascal and Anne-Sophie for organizing this wonderful event! Thank you to Dorothée and Guilaine; your logistical mastery kept everything running smoothly behind the scenes. And to Violette and Jasmine, your dedication to both jury duty and keeping the atmosphere lively was truly appreciated!

🙏 A special shoutout goes to Georges Mauris for his invaluable interventions in the classrooms, especially his guidance in the intricate engineering of bridge construction!

Here’s to fostering a love for science and discovery in our future innovators! Let’s continue to nurture their curiosity and watch as they soar to new heights!