LFSD Middle Schoolers on franceinfo junior

🎙️ LFSD Middle Schoolers on franceinfo junior 🇫🇷

⭐️ Our 6th graders had an incredible opportunity last week! They participated in a broadcast from the renowned French public radio station “franceinfo.”

With “franceinfo junior” radio host, Thomas Séchier, they interviewed Océane Herrero, journalist at Politico and author of the book “The TikTok System – How the Chinese Platform Shapes Our Lives.”

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at franceinfo junior for providing this platform for our students to voice their inquiries and broaden their understanding of global affairs.

Kudos to our bright young minds for their active involvement and eagerness to learn!

🙏 Thank you to our 5th-grade teacher, François, for coordinating all the technical aspects.

“franceinfo junior” is a news program offering an educational perspective on current events aimed at children, broadcasted from Monday to Thursday.