Launch of the International Judo Program in Schools

The Lycée Français de San Diego (LFSD), hosted on September 15th, 2022 the official launch of the international Judo program in schools in North America.

The French Judo Federation in collaboration with AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) launched a brand-new international Judo program to teach Judo and its values to all students. We are very excited that the Lycée Français de San Diego has been selected as the first pilot school for this project!

A delegation from France Judo represented by its President Stéphane Nomis, travelled to San Diego to be part of this special day.

Our LFSD students had the incredible opportunity to meet and exchange with US and French Champions like Gévrise Emane, Bronze medalist London 2012 and vice-president of international relations Paris 2024, Larbi Benboudaoud, High Performance Director for France Judo, Olympique Champion trainer, and Vice Olympic champion in Sydney 2000 and Luka Mkheidze, French Olympic medalist in Tokyo 2020.

Over the next two years, leading up to the Paris 2024, our students and more than 200 students from the AEFE schools will be fully immersed in the Olympic spirit for the “School Judo Challenge.” One of the highlights will see our LFSD students participate in sport and educational activities with professional athletes at the San Diego Olympic center in Chula Vista in April of 2023.

France is a true leader in the World of Judo. It is the 4th most popular sport. French Judokas have won 147 World Championship medals to date including 48 golds! We are honored to welcome their expertise to the French Schools of North America. The INSEP French training center, alongside the French education system and its schools are highly praised by all for the quality of the education and training they provide to an inclusive array of students.

Why now, why Judo?

Inclusion, equality and positive reinforcement are objectives of the Olympic Committee for the 2024 Olympic games. A perfect example of those values is French judoka, refugee and Olympic medalist Luka Mkheidze, whose story is a clear proof of integration through sports.
Teaching these values in our schools is fundamental. Judo is currently part of the French educational school system because it is not only physical and mental but has proven to teach great discipline, respect and confidence; lifelong skills.

Beyond judo, students will keep growing as world citizen, learning more about geography and History through the History of the Olympic and Paralympic games, discover other countries and their cultures, practice math and critical thinking through various Olympic sports, reinforce health hygiene, but also express their creative side around art illustrating Olympic Games and Mascots.