Judo Competition at LFSD

✨ Judo Competition at LFSD 🥋

Last Saturday, AKA Judo hosted a competition at LFSD featuring talented young judokas from the AKA Judo group.

Did you know that close to 50 LFSD kids from kindergarten to middle school are part of the after-school Judo program developed by AKA Judo club?

🥋 It was an inspiring day filled with skill, determination, and sportsmanship as young judokas showcased their judo abilities.
We are immensely proud of the judokas who participated in the competition. These young athletes are not only learning the techniques of judo but also embodying its core values of respect, discipline, and perseverance.

Congratulations to all the participants and a big thank you to the parents and supporters who made this event possible. Your dedication is helping to shape future champions both on and off the mat! ✨

⭐️ A very special thank you to Hervé from AKA Judo USA for providing this wonderful opportunity to the LFSD community. This year has been an incredible journey for AKA Judo’s young judokas, who participated in the 2024 Paris Judo Grand Slam in collaboration with France Judo and also took part in the Olympic and Paralympic Week in Los Angeles with USA Judo.