Judo and Art with our Preschoolers

🥋 Judo et art avec les petites sections 🎨

Our Judo coach, Hervé Aka, made a special visit to Alexandra and Luis’ classroom, where he introduced the world of Judo to our 3-year-old preschoolers.

Seeing their eyes light up as they put on a Judo gi for the first time was truly heartwarming.

In the spirit of nurturing these young minds and fostering their connection to the world of sports, our dedicated teachers designed a series of craft activities specifically centered around the Olympics.

From Olympic rings decorated with painted handprints to practicing letter recognition by spelling ‘judo’, these little champions embraced the spirit of the Olympics in the most adorable way possible.

How cute are those mini versions of the kids as judokas?

Thank you to our wonderful teachers for preparing such a fun time for the kids.

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