Happy New Year!

✨ Wishing You a Joyous New Year from LFSD! 🎉

The entire Lycée Français de San Diego comes together to extend warm wishes for a Happy New Year!

📚From our dedicated and talented staff to our wonderful students and families, we want to express our gratitude for the incredible community that makes LFSD truly special. May the coming year be filled with growth, learning, and memorable moments for each and every one of you.

⭐️ As we step into the New Year, let’s carry the spirit of unity, curiosity, and a commitment to excellence. Whether in the classrooms, on the playing fields, or within our diverse after-school programs, let’s continue to foster an environment of growth, creativity, and inclusivity.

🙏 Thank you for being a vital part of LFSD! To our students, parents, educators, and support staff – your contributions are the heartbeat of our community. Your dedication to education and passion for learning shape the foundation of our school.

Here’s to exciting adventures that await us in 2024!

Music: Funny day
Musician: Ilya Truhanov
Site: https://icons8.com/music/