Fun day at the beach

☀️ Journée sur l’eau 🏖️

THANK YOU so much to Brittany, Keltoum, Klancy, Tracy, and Igor, our wonderful PTR team, for organizing such a fun day at the beach!

We extend our gratitude to all the parents, teachers, and students who contributed to making this day a resounding success.

We take great pride in seeing our LFSD community come together for a day of play, laughter, and sunshine, where all created lasting memories, strengthened friendships, and shared moments of joy on this beautiful, sunny day!

We look forward to sharing more special moments like this with the LFSD community.

The PTR (Parents Teachers Resources) is an organization composed of parents/guardians, teachers, and staff working together to enrich the Le Lycée Français de San Diego experience. We support building a strong relationship between the school and the parents and spread awareness about issues important to the parent community. We organize events, help fund student activities, promote school spirit, and provide opportunities for enhanced parent involvement.