Exciting News from Our Preschool!

🎶 Exciting News from Our Preschool! 🌟

We are thrilled to share a fantastic initiative at our school: music stations in the recess area created entirely from recycled objects! 🥁

Led by our wonderful preschool teachers, Helena, Anne, Alexandra and Isabelle, these innovative setups allow our little ones to explore the joys of music in an eco-friendly way. Our creative teachers have turned everyday items into a symphony of fun and learning.

This project not only sparks creativity and musical exploration but also teaches our children the importance of recycling and sustainability. Watching our preschoolers’ faces light up as they discover the different sounds they can make is truly heartwarming.

❤️ A huge thank you to our preschool teachers for their dedication and ingenuity in bringing this musical playground to life. Your passion for teaching and love for our planet is inspiring! 🌍