Bilingual Co-Teaching in Kindergarten

📚 Bilingual Storytelling Adventures in Kindergarten ✨

Meet Céline and Lily, our dynamic duo at LFSD, leading bilingual education in kindergarten!

✏️Our kindergarten class is embarking on an exciting journey—creating stories in both French and English using only comic book illustrations! Under their teachers’ guidance, young imaginations are taking flight, crafting stories that go beyond linguistic boundaries.

💙 A big thank you to our wonderful teachers, Céline and Lily, for nurturing our little writers’ creativity and love for storytelling.

At LFSD, we believe in fostering not only academic excellence but also cultural understanding and empathy from an early age. Through bilingual education, we empower our students to embrace diversity, celebrate differences, and forge connections across languages and borders.

🌱 Nurturing Global Citizens: Embracing Diversity from Day One 🌍