4th Graders in the Science Lab

👩‍🔬👨‍🔬 Les CM1 au labo de sciences 🥚🧂

Mylène 4th-grade class had an exciting experience in our science lab with Pascal to learn about buoyancy and density.

They embarked on a journey into the world of science, exploring how salt table can make an egg float like magic!

1️⃣ Before adding any salt, they gently placed their egg into the water. What do you think happened? The egg sank to the bottom! This is because the egg is denser than the plain water.

2️⃣ Now comes the fun part ✨ They added salt to the water while stirring until they noticed something extraordinary happening. The egg began to float! How cool is that? A picture is worth a thousand word; check their reaction when the egg started to float!

They discussed how salt makes the water denser. When the water is denser than the egg, the egg floats! It’s all about density and buoyancy – big words, but easy to understand when you see it in action.

Thank you, Mylène & Pascal, for making learning so much fun, and let’s keep exploring the wonderful world of science 🔬

Did you spot our 3D Printers?

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