4th and 5th Graders’ Field Trip

🎸 Field Trip to the Museum of Making Music 🎺

Our 4th and 5th graders embarked on a memorable field trip to the Museum of Making Music in Carlsbad! It was a day filled with wonder, curiosity, and discovery as they immersed themselves in the rich history and evolution of music.

🎵 The museum provided an interactive journey with hands-on activities, showcasing the ingenuity and creativity behind some of the world’s most iconic instruments. The students were captivated by the endless possibilities of sound and rhythm. 🥁

But the adventure didn’t stop there! They were also treated to breathtaking views of the Carlsbad Flower Fields, spanning an incredible 55 acres of vibrant Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers. 🌷

⭐️ Moments like these remind us of the power of education to inspire and shape the minds of future generations. By exposing our youth to diverse experiences and environments, we plant the seeds of curiosity and innovation that will blossom into a brighter tomorrow.

🎶 A huge thank you to the Museum of Making Music for hosting us and providing an unforgettable experience for these young learners.

🙏 Special shout out to our wonderful teachers Mylène, François C., Frédéric, and Mr. H.

📷 Thank you, Mylène and François C., for capturing all the fun!