2022-2023 Academic Newsletter #4


Here is the third newsletter of 2023 so you can see what is happening in the classes.

1 2 3 Run!

Thanks to Mylène Ghestin, LFSD teacher and in charge of our Track & Field ASA, the entire community (parents, teachers and students) participated in the 3rd edition of the “1, 2, 3 RUN” organized by the AEFE UNSS North America League.

This event gathered everyone around running: 1 mile for elementary students, 2 miles for middle schoolers and 3 miles for high schoolers and adults.

Click on this link to see the results. Our school ran a total of 127 miles. Way to go!

Bravo runners!

MS/pre-K – Saida and Anaïs

As we welcome the season of spring, we focused on the curriculum regarding living and non-living organisms (vivant et non vivant). An activity we did was looking at the life cycle of snails and caterpillars that we paired with an art project. Additionally, we planted seeds so we can see the life cycle of plants: seed, sprout, small plant, and adult plant.

GS-B/Kinder – Céline G.

The students got to witness the birth of chicks!
They waited patiently 21 days while they developed into their eggs inside the class incubator.
On the 22nd day, 2 were hatched when students arrived in the morning! 2 were shaking and we could hear the chicks inside trying to break the shell. The entire school got excited!

We are observing them grow. They could barely walk at the beginning. Now, they have feathers on their wings and their tails.
We are going to keep watching them evolve until Spring break when they will leave our class to go to Carter’s home who has a big coop to welcome them.
Meanwhile we are feeding them food and vitamins to make sure they are growing healthy.
What a fun science project!

Last but not least, the chicks also helped our Kindergarteners by more quiet and focused in class.

For more cuteness…

Let’s meet Fuzzy the hamster visiting 5th graders every Mondays and Fridays!

Meet him here in video!

MS/pre-K of Isabelle E. & Lily

They discovered Africa and learned how to recognize the continent on the world map, they studied the animals and their sounds. To practice their vocabulary, they used the “tableau bavard/the chatty board”: you press on the picture and you can hear its name recorded by the teacher. They read the album “Le roi de la grande savane/The king of the great savana”. In art, they painted beautiful sunsets with the silhouette of a giraffe.

Kodomo, the mascot of France Judo Federation

Kodomo, the mascot of the French Judo Federation visited all classrooms, from Preschool to Middle School. Gévrise Émane, VP of France Judo and Larbi Benboudaoud, Olympic medalist and Coach, joined our students to answer questions.

Olympic and Paralympic week – CM1-CM2-6e /4-5-6th grades

At the Olympic Training center in Chula Vista, our students got to practice judo over 3 days with French coaches and Hervé, together with 3 other schools from the AEFE network.

Photos available here

Paralympic athletes

In Chula Vista, students got to meet blind paralympic French athlete Timothée Adolphe. Him and his guides explained to us how they train and the bond and trust they build together. So far, he has won over 20 gold medals for the 100m and 400m! What a great learning opportunity!

Watch them explain how they train

30min of daily physical activities – CP/grade 1

In the meantime on campus, the CP of Estelle were also active! As part of compassion, team work, and awareness, they guided their blindfolded partner through a parcours.

Violette Dunn

Academic Director