2022-2023 Academic Newsletter #3


Here is the first newsletter of 2023 so you can see what is happening in the classes.

Grande-section/K & CE2/3rd gr. – Céline L.

The CE2 students of Céline’s class have been doing reading sessions with the Kindergarten students of Anne-Sophie’s class. What is better than using your reading skills to inspire the younger ones?!

Middle school – Jean-Christophe

In Arts, middle-schoolers designed calligrams with their poems after being inspired by the short story The Raven / Le Corbeau, d’Edgar. A. Poe and the song The raven by Alan Parsons Project.

Then, in relation to the trip to Paris, they created a board game that matches with the curricula in French, History and Geography, and with several projects:
● discovering French History and culture;
● observing and analyzing the role of a large metropolis in globalization;
● the upcoming trip to Paris to attend the judo Grand Slam tournament, to visit Olympic facilities and institutions of the 2024 Olympic Games.

See below the board game inspired by “Scotland Yard” (the game consists of searching for a fugitive in the streets of the French capital). We called it “Quai des Orfèvres”, based on the headquarters of the French police. We can spot Paris’ main historical monuments on the board.

Dive in with the CP/1st grade classes
As part of their yearly project on the respect of the environment, they devoted themselves to seas and oceans.

CP-A of Estelle

In art, the CP-A made a collective work of the ocean. The animals were made from everyday recycled objects in order to give them a second life. These are the same waste that unfortunately pollute our oceans.

CP-B of Dorothée

For their part, the CP-B discovered the principle of the “agamograph”. This term comes from the artist Yaacov Agam, precursor of kinetic art. In these works, the viewer must move in order to observe the image. Thus by moving, you will discover two pieces: a healthy sea and…. an unfortunately polluted sea….

TPS / 2y-o of Isabelle & Amanda

In February, it’s been about love and growth for our little ones.
In art, they have been practicing pre-writing and fingers’ position on markers, they practiced gluing hearts, learning how to use the entire space of the page.
They did some science, learning that plants need food/soil and water to grow happily! They put their hands in the dirt and made their own succulent planter as gifts. They also practiced painting on a 3-D object, the pot.

SEL & Mindfulness Le couloir du bien-être – Wellness hallway

Our team of Adeline, Céline L., Jasmine and Violette designed and created 2 couloirs du bien-être: 1 for preschool, 1 for elementary and middle-school to use anytime during their day.

The goal is for students to learn breathing and relaxation techniques, to identify their emotions and build up tools to help improve their self-control and well-being.

CE1/2nd grade – Frédéric

CE1 students practiced empathy games: that day, they had to guide a blind-folded classmate along a path. They learned how to build up trust, communication, and much more.

Violette Dunn

Academic Director